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Our services for ship owners and operators are highly-customized and focus on asset management. High-dollar decisions need to be made with precision and confidence supplemented with accurate data. An all-encompassing agile solution from ship to shore will keep your company moving forward efficiently and effectively.



In this volatile market, you need a partner that is stable yet agile enough to work with your changing needs to sustain your industry edge. Our team of analysts, ship routers and meteorologists can provide your company with accurate and reliable weather routing and performance monitoring both at sea and in-port.

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Managing the vast amount of data coming from your fleet and from your partners can be a daunting and costly endeavor. Let a third-party, non-biased partner like Accuritas manage the flow of data and provide customized solutions including pool point calculations delivering trust and transparency while staying competitive.

Decreasing OPEX is easier than you think


The amount of data available to a shipping company is increasing exponentially yet most are not equipped to handle the volume nor confident the data is accurate especially from the data source that is most important...the ship itself. Accuritas is at the forefront of ensuring data quality assurance and multi-vendor data integration. Whether the delivery of the data is via simple text emails, output from your Voyage Management System or your ERP, everyone in your company needs access to accurate data.

Be confident that your data is accurate. Be confident in the decisions you make. Be efficient, successful and more profitable with Accuritas.


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Performance monitoring based on your needs


Imagine being able to customize your own vessel performance monitoring solution all the while being confident in the accuracy and agility of the results? As markets and customer relationships change, so can your performance monitoring model. Our system was built around the ability to customize and scale while keeping our core values of accuracy, acceptance and arbitration ready.

For owners, operators, and managers, Accuritas uses an exclusive segmented performance analysis evaluation which enhances accuracy and provides custom reporting down to the hour. For charterers, our team of shipping analysts combined with robust internal software provide you with data you can trust with methods that are in strict adherence to charter party terms.  


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Ship routers available 24 hours a day


The ability to obtain weather information aboard the ship are more prevalent now than ever but which systems are correct? Why let your Master and crew add another requirement to their position by attempting to forecast the weather when shoreside experienced meteorologists and ship routers can assist in guiding the vessel with safety being paramount.

Taking advantage of environmental conditions including ocean currents can reduce fuel consumption, improve performance and make a significant impact on your voyage's P&L.



Custom KPIs and metrics help shipping companies succeed


Simply providing generic reports and analysis regarding your fleet is not good enough. In order to gain an edge and truly understand your valuable assets on the water, key performance indicators (KPIs) that revolve around how you manage your fleet is recommended. Accuritas will provide in-depth consultation with your stakeholders and determine individual needs and company goals. Our solutions will be specifically constructed based on what you want or need supplemented with our industry intelligence and guidance. The result is a clear path to success and a tremendous return on your investments.