For nearly a half century, Accuritas Global Solutions remains one of the most respected maritime consulting firms in the world.


Accuritas Global Solutions is a privately held global management consulting firm. The company provides business intelligence, analytics and consulting services to global shipping leaders. Accuritas innovates, manages and delivers a wide range of customized services to 100+ clients from over 60 countries worldwide. The company has offices covering strategic areas of the world including New York, Connecticut, Greece, Cyprus and Singapore.

With unparalleled client support, Accuritas is management’s partner in accurate performance monitoring, weather routing, efficiency planning, risk management, project management and decision assistance.


Senior Management

Jeff W.jpg
Jeff W.jpg

Jeff Wimmer
Chief Executive Officer


Tore Jakobsen
Chief Financial Officer

Trevor B.jpg

Trevor Bevens
Senior Vice President

Adam B.jpg

Adam Bakke
Director of Operations

Jeff M.jpg

Jeff McHugh
Director of Technology & Software Development


Associates and Mid-Level Management

Matt Dib
Commercial Shipping Analyst & Product Manager

Vincent Tricoli
Business Development

Ioannis Giannoulakis
Business Development & Meteorologist

Matt Nuss
Claims Supervisor & Route Analyst

Darrell Converse
Senior Marine Meteorologist & Route Analyst

Kyle Gollegly
Senior Marine Meteorologist & Route Analyst

Jeremy DeMoss
Meteorological Technician Supervisor & Route Analyst

Katie Giacalone
Lead Marine Meteorological Technician & Data Entry Supervisor

Rebecca Zander
Lead Performance Analyst

Ryan McClenning
Development Engineer

Dan Podhaiski
Network Administration

Tony Russ

Conni McDaniel