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Morgan Marketing and Communications Selected for Renaming/Rebranding Project

FleetWeather has selected Morgan Marketing and Communications of Southport, Connecticut and President Carleen Lyden-Kluss to manage FleetWeather’s renaming and rebranding project. Work on this project will begin immediately with a target date of March 15, 2016 for the global public launch of FleetWeather’s new name, brand, logo and web site.

FleetWeather has decided to rename and rebrand to better align its branding, positioning and marketing with its current business model and expanded role in transportation. The 47-year-old FleetWeather name and brand is best known in the worldwide commercial shipping industry as a weather routing and vessel performance company. Although FleetWeather will continue to provide some if its legacy weather routing services, FleetWeather’s focus today is primarily on providing business intelligence, analytics and consulting services to the global transportation market.

FleetWeather interviewed a number of qualified agencies for this project and selected Morgan MarkeCarleenLydenKluss_MorganMarketingting and Communications for the following reasons: 1) Extensive experience in global markets and the commercial shipping industry, 2) Wide-range of services offered, 3) Reputation for high quality of customer service, and 4) President Carleen Lyden-Kluss.

Carleen is a recognized worldwide marketing expert with a long history of managing highly successful global-reaching marketing projects. We are proud to have Morgan Marketing and Carleen working on this very important project for us. Morgan Marketing and Communications will also serve as FleetWeather’s media contact going forward.