When it comes to shipping, don't hire a vendor. Employ and trust a strategic business partner.


The cyclical shipping markets deliver a sense of uneasiness to most companies however business must proceed in order to move the conservative industry forward. Why hire a typical vendor that is not in tune with your needs and is not agile enough to adjust their solutions as your relationships and strategies evolve. 

Accuritas delivers customized solutions for well over 100 shipping companies across the world. Delivering "off the shelf" software systems is not what Accuritas provides and does not allow for customization, integration of internal metrics and methodology and is often much more expensive over time. Whether the solution is a one-time speed and consumption report for a time-charter or a data integration project encompassing mass flow meter and voyage management systems, Accuritas has the expertise and capability to deliver what your company needs on-time and to your specifications.



Data Integration

Harness the power of 'big shipping data' from your vessels and elsewhere and integrate with your preexisting software systems to maximize your return on investment.


Vessel Performance Monitoring

Monitor any or all aspects of your vessel(s) based on your needs whether at-sea or in-port. From main engine consumption to segmented speed analysis, our reports comply with internal benchmarks or charter party terms.


Weather Routing

Whether your vessel is on a coastal or trans-ocean voyage, savings can be achieved by optimizing a route based on wind, sea state and ocean currents. Our team of marine meteorologists and ship routers can assist at any time.


Customized Analytics

Powerful solutions can be displayed in virtually any format for any end user from operations to the boardroom. Internal client logic can even be incorporated for a truly customized deliverable on-demand or on a set schedule.


Vessel Tracking

Monitor any ship worldwide using state of the art technology at high frequencies. Ship security, weather overlays, routing, ship-specific analytics and more can be displayed in one, unified platform.


Claims Assistance

Need assistance producing or defending a claim? Perhaps you need expert guidance in reducing a claim received from charterers. Either way our experts with decades of experience will use strong evidence and precedent to guide you towards resolution.



Project management, regulatory compliance, charter party wording and value-added service offerings are just a few of the items of which our experts can assist you with should you hire Accuritas for consultation purposes.